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Im sorry

2014-03-26 01:22:16 by RamblinEvil-Mushroom

sorry, really truelly sorry, for everything, for my whole life, for all the failed promisses and botched projects, for giving up to easy, for my personal failures, my moral failures, for everything.


2009-10-01 12:54:32 by RamblinEvil-Mushroom



2009-01-01 02:39:17 by RamblinEvil-Mushroom

happy new years peoples.
hope this year is better than the last!

my new years resolution:
make at least one great game that people will want to play and will have fun playing.
been learning AS3 for a few weeks now nonstop, its a lot different, but i quite like it now im used to it :)
now, time to drink.

so far im thinking of doing either a pokemon style game but with demons and stuff,
a harvest moon game but MUCH BIGGER,
or a puzzle game like i played on the commodore 64.... i think it was called chilly willy....
oh and i need to revisit my zelda game...


2008-04-10 09:30:56 by RamblinEvil-Mushroom

just thought you should know :3

a reminder

2008-01-15 04:11:14 by RamblinEvil-Mushroom

disregard this, i suck cocks.

god i can't get myself to do anything!


i am so fucking lazy!

still at it!

2007-11-03 13:25:21 by RamblinEvil-Mushroom

yup, still working on that redesign...
no working version yet, but i hope to have one soon...

game redesign, and love <3

2007-10-20 22:28:18 by RamblinEvil-Mushroom

well i'm going to go ahead and just redesign the whole system on my loz game.
it'll be much better afterword!
current version here

also i have a boyfriend now :D
so life is good =)


2007-10-06 01:13:12 by RamblinEvil-Mushroom

i recently discovered Gaia online, and i must say i was pleasantly surprised.
it's a nice site with fun thing to do, and nice people to meet.

i'm a proud gaia resident, and i love it ^-^

as for the game, i'm beginning to wonder if i can finish it...
well we'll see when i get the new art i guess..

i have nothing to do...

2007-09-23 00:22:22 by RamblinEvil-Mushroom

damn it!
I'm so fucking bored!
I've just been listening to music for days now.
and i can't work on my game until i get the new anims...
here's the current version :

so here are some songs i like, that you might like to:
i thought you were my boyfriend
sweet donuts
sea of heartbreak(the first song)
sci-fi wasabi
i am the walrus
green tambourine
daydream in blue

i'll probably add more later...


i am now on a quest to leave comment on anyone whos name i like :P